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Lives in Firenze, città metropolitana di Firenze, Italia
 Since  October 2023
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Tutor con 7 anni di esperienza

Private Italian Tutor in Florence and Online

My name is Emma, I have a love for the Italian language, my country, and its culture which I share with my students. I enjoy traveling and immersing myself in new places, cultures, and experiences for extended periods of time. I'm always reading, learning, and finding new ways to lead a healthy life.

I started teaching Italian in 2016 as a volunteer in immigrant communities and for ERASMUS students.
During my years of studying, I began offering private online lessons and in 2018 I received my degree in Foreign Language and Literature with high honor. Afterward, I took the DITALS certification exam to officially become a teacher of Italian as a second language.
Since then, I've collaborated with various schools of Italian language and culture in Florence's historic city center while also continuing to teach online.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Italian in Florence?

My lessons are based on a pratical and dynamic approach.
During the first lesson, we will discuss your goals and objectives in learning Italian language and then formulate a learning plan adapted to your needs. I will provide you with all the necessary learning materials and will make an effort to cater them to your particular interests.
I'm of the opinion that learning a new language doesn't have to feel like work: I try to encorporate
fun and engaging activities into my programs to encourage consistency and help you reach fluency faster.

What is the easiest way to learn Italian in Florence?

The easiest way to learn Italian in Florence is to spend time with locals, trying so speak Italian in public places instead of English and learning by your mistakes.

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