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Lives in Via Francesco Albani, 40129 Bologna città metropolitana di Bologna, Italia
 Since  October 2023
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Stimulating Italian lessons not far from the city center!

Private Italian Tutor in Bologna and Online

I have been giving lessons to Italian students for more than five years at their places but also online. Moreover, I started to teach my beautiful mother Tongue (Italian) to foreign students in the last three years, trying to share my great passion for Italian culture and languages.
Regarding my qualifications, I got a Bachelor's degree in Modern languages and literature in Bologna, and at the moment I am attending the last year of a postgraduate in Italian language and culture taught to foreign people.
As regards my interests I have always been interested in discovering new languages and cultures. In fact, I traveled a lot and I visited many different countries, including Poland, Tunisia, Czech Republic, Romania, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, and Scotland apart from many cities in my beautiful country. I lived in London for a year as well, therefore I speak English as a native speaker.
As a person, I am a very serious, reliable, patient, and kind girl, who likes to meet people from different countries with whom to share my knowledge. The students who got my help in learning Italian were very happy to see that I have a stimulating teaching method that includes musical activities, games, and city historical monuments tours to learn Italian culture related to language. In addition, I am able to empathize with my students, creating a cheerful and relaxed learning environment, which I think is fundamental to learning new things effortlessly and with good results.
In my opinion, students can get good results in learning the Italian language depending on the teaching methods used by teachers. The methods have to be as clear as possible. That's why I proposed musical activities, such as listening to Italian songs, singing Italian songs, or watching Italian movies. Listening to music and looking at the printed lyrics can help in learning new words and developing listening skills. Music is also well known as a precious tool that can help the students to be more relaxed and to enjoy more all the learning steps. I also propose the reading of some extracts from Italian books, chosen according to students' level. Reading texts is well known to be the best method to learn how to write essays properly because texts give an example of the language in use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Italian in Bologna?

For sure Italian is not an easy language, but with my method, enriched with diagrams and concept maps my student will get to a medium level of knowledge in Italian language (B1) in two years. Actually, the time required to learn Italian depends also on the motivation of the students who start to share this path with me, if some of their spare time is dedicated every day to this wonderful language (for example one hour every day) they can get results earlier also!

Is it difficult to learn Italian in Bologna?

Learning Italian could be felt to be a little tricky at times, but in my experience as a teacher, I saw that the students who were motivated to learn this language and those who got a good learning method and more patient got results in a few months.

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Tutor available for online lessons or in-person private lessons in the following areas:

I own a car, therefore I am able to go maximum 10 km far from home.

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