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I am Laurence, a passionate native French teacher since 2015. During my career, I taught in international schools, languages schools and public schools in Azerbaijan, in Turkey, in Austria and in Switzerland. In total, I lived in 10 countries and I traveled to 73 countries, therefore I feel comfortable with people of all ages and of any culture.

You are looking for French lessons that motivate you and enable you to learn while learning other things at the same time?
=> Why learning French just has to be about learning the grammar, conjugating and other language-related activities? During my lessons, I include a wide variety of topics and information while still practicing French.

You want to have your lessons online but feel like you can get bored easily?
=> Do not worry about that, I am very good with technology and got multiple trainings on how to include it in the lessons for active participation.

You feel so far from the French-speaking world?
=> I regularly organize trips to French-speaking regions for all my learners so you not only get the chance to discover a French-speaking country but also to practice your French with people like you.

You already speak French very well but people seem not to understand you and switch all the time to English?
=> French is a beautiful language but you have to understand key facts so that one can understand you. There is a particular rhythm that does not exist in other languages and as a qualified trainer for corrective phonetics, I can get you there with a special training.

You want to pass your passion for French to your child but struggle to find the right teacher?
=> Since the pandemic, I started to teach children online. It was a real struggle but over time and with effective trainings, I can proudly say that the children I teach to are very happy about my teaching and are addicted to our lessons.

You finally feel ready to take the DELF exam but are looking for effective training to pass it?
=> As a certified examiner-scorer, I can prepare you for the exam and share valuable tips.

What books do you use?
=> Over the years, I developed my own resources not only based on my teaching experience, neurosciences and learner ‘needs and wishes but also based on my own experience while learning a foreign language. Most of all I make sure you improve in French and you enjoy learning.

What languages do you speak?
=> I am fluent in English and in Spanish. Since I worked in Austria and in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, I have an upper intermediate level of German. Besides, thanks to my intensive language courses and my professional experiences in Poland and Turkey, I get by in Polish and Turkish. I also have a basic knowledge in Russian, Azerbaijani, Portuguese and Italian. I have very basic knowledge of Arabic.

Do you also teach French to groups?
=> I do. Especially interesting for women, I have special group courses for women only so we can feel comfortable and cover all desired topics.

What do you like doing in your free time?
=> In my free time, I love hiking, swimming, reading books, learning or improving a language, cooking, and traveling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is French easy to learn?

It depends on how French is brought to you :)
French is a Latin language so it will look and sound different at first but with a professional and passionate teacher, learning will be easy.

Is it difficult to learn French in Dubai?

It is not. Dubai is such a cosmopolite city giving you plenty of opportunities to learn French, including getting to know the French culture in Dubai. A native French teacher who is also passionate about the language will make learning French comprehensible.

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