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 Since  August 2023
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English classes that match YOUR goals and YOUR pace

Private English Tutor in Prague and Online

I offer a wide range of English courses, group, and one-to-one, that will help you achieve your most ambitious goals.

14 years of teaching and 3 degrees, including a Trinity Diploma in TESOL, enable me to teach fun classes that lead you to tremendous progress. I use the best teaching methods to create unique courses that bring out your potential and teach you real skills for real life.

What I teach:
- General English, group and one-to-one
- Business English
- ESP: preparation for a job interview, a trip, a conference, etc, different professional spheres
- adults A2-C1
- online on Zoom, offline in Prague
- my signature C1 vocabulary course “Spot on!”, “Smart Talk Club”, “Fluency Booster”
- A2-B1 grammar and lexis workshops
- create interactive self-study courses A2-C1

Why my students enjoy my classes:
- customized approach: I adjust the teaching approach, pace, workload, and homework to their needs.
- the atmosphere of empathy and trust
- clear lesson structure and tangible results.
- 100% guaranteed progress. All my students note the progress they're making. You'll learn at your own pace, with the study program that suits you, and my feedback and learning tips that will make this journey smooth.

I can adapt my teaching style to any student. I have really ambitious students as well as those who learn English as a hobby in a very relaxed manner.

If you’re ambitious, we can work hard together and reach a high level quickly. My fastest student mastered 3 levels (A2-B2) within 8 months (4 hours of classes a week + homework).
Learning a language is more than just chatting. I have lots of friends who speak English every day, but their level is B1-B2 max. Learning is about putting work into it and getting guidance. I’m more than happy to guide you! I myself learned English in my early 20s from 0 to C1. It took me 3 years, loads of work, and a couple of great teachers. If I could do it, you can do it!

If learning English is part of your lifestyle, simply a hobby, we’ll have nice conversational classes. But worry not, it’s not just chatter. Each class has a specific aim and a set of activities that lead you to it. But leave the technicalities to me. Enjoy learning and communicating!

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Russian in Prague?

Learning English should be both challenging and fun. When it's too easy, it gets boring, right? We'll combine those.
If you're really 'present' in class, if you're ready to engage in active listening, thinking and talking, you'll love studying with me!

What is the easiest way to learn Russian in Prague?

To have an experienced and empathetic teacher.
I've been learning languages all my adult life, and I'm convinced that the right teacher is a must. Otherwise, how do we know which direction to take?

500 CZK
per hour

Tutor available
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students only!

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