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Hello, I'm Teacher Mar, and I'm passionate about teaching English! With over a year of experience teaching English online, I have had the privilege of helping students from all walks of life enhance their language skills. Armed with my TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate, I have honed my abilities to provide effective and engaging instruction.

My journey as an online English educator has been incredibly rewarding. I firmly believe that language is a bridge that connects people and cultures, and I'm dedicated to breaking down the barriers that language differences can create. Throughout my teaching career, I have specialized in three key areas: vocabulary development, conversational proficiency, and reading comprehension.

One of my strengths lies in guiding my students to expand their vocabulary. I understand the importance of having a rich and varied vocabulary, as it opens doors to effective communication and allows students to express themselves with precision. I employ a range of creative and interactive teaching techniques to make the learning process enjoyable and memorable.

Conversational skills are another focus of mine. I believe that being able to confidently engage in conversations is a vital aspect of language learning. I've developed techniques to help students build their conversational abilities, ensuring they can confidently express their thoughts and ideas in English. My lessons are designed to create a supportive and encouraging environment that empowers students to participate actively in discussions.

Reading is a gateway to the world of knowledge, and I take great pride in nurturing this skill in my students. Through carefully curated materials and exercises, I help learners improve their reading comprehension. This not only enhances their language skills but also broadens their horizons as they delve into a world of literature, news, and information.

My teaching philosophy revolves around adaptability and personalized learning. I understand that each student is unique, with their own strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, I tailor my lessons to cater to individual needs, ensuring a customized learning experience that maximizes growth and fosters a love for the English language.

Teaching English is more than just a job for me; it's a passion. I'm excited to continue this journey of helping students achieve their language goals, fostering their love for English, and breaking down the barriers that language can sometimes create. Join me, and together, we'll embark on a language-learning adventure that will open up new opportunities and connections in the English-speaking world!

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How easy is it to learn English in Manila?

Easy with proper guidance and enjoyable at the same time.

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