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Hi everyone! My name is Serena. My postgraduate degree is in Finance in England and I participated in the TESOL study at that time. After graduating with my master's degree, I chose to live in Australia and I got the Australian Permanent visa.
My long teaching experiences will give you an amazing class because I can understand exactly what you want, and what you need, and how to give it to you in the best possible way. Even though English and Chinese are the languages, they have lots of differences. I will not only help you to learn the simple daily language but also let you know the charm of the Chinese.
Honestly, Chinese is more difficult than English. But you should understand the principle of Chinese. It will help you to learn in an appropriate way. In my class, I will let you feel the amazing parts of Chinese and help you to have fun.
I can understand the difficulties of learning Chinese at different stages. So I will teach you based on your background and your study purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Chinese / Mandarin in Adelaide?

I have to know your learning purpose first. Then I will give you your learning plan to let you know your learning progress, which makes you feel good about learning Chinese.

What is the easiest way to learn Chinese / Mandarin in Adelaide?

Practice is the easiest way to learn a language, but you also need the efficiency to learn Chinese.

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I have the teaching experience for both children and adults.

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