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Hello, my name is Amabelle and I am from Tukuran, Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines. I am a licensed teacher. I enjoyed reading novel books and making up imagined stories for pleasure. I am a passionate, motivated, and determined individual looking for new learning experiences and exploring my abilities and skills. I want to demonstrate that students feel valued as individuals, empowered to study hard and strive to provide the knowledge they require in order to nurture their intellectual curiosity and demonstrate learnings that will help them grow to reach the student's full potential. Despite the fact that I have no expertise in informal education, I can still educate my students with zeal and do my best in order for them to learn from me. To be honest, before I knew we could teach online, I saw a tutor teaching a child online and the child was really paying attention, listening, and wanting to engage in the teacher's discussion. So, I decided to try it on. And, without a doubt, it will be a fantastic experience, and my students will adore my teaching. I'm looking forward to this moment.
I have one year of formal teaching experience and recently received my TEFL CERTIFICATE, which is an online second language course. I enjoy teaching English and my native language which is Bisaya-Cebuano and am willing to cater to students in other subjects who are not proficient. In my teaching philosophy, I am sincerely devoted to creating a student-centered learning environment that empowers and motivates my pupils to attain their greatest potential. I am convinced that each kid has distinct skills, interests, and learning styles, and it is my role as an educator to recognize and foster these individual differences. I try to establish a classroom where students feel respected, engaged, and supported by using a learner-centered approach. Personalized learning is also important to my teaching philosophy. I make an effort to tailor my instruction to my pupils' particular needs and interests. I encourage my students to take control of their education by providing tailored learning experiences, increasing their motivation and overall academic performance. Finally, I am committed to developing their keen curiosity, cultivating their growth attitude, and creating a lifelong love for learning in them.
Book a trial lesson with me so that I can teach you the subject in which you excel or need to improve. I will educate you with passion and do my very best so that you can learn from me. I will make every effort to make learning fun for you, my student. I guarantee you will learn from me as your virtual instructor, and I welcome the opportunity to be your partner in fostering and growing your learning journey. So, set a trial lesson with me so that I may share my knowledge in the areas of the subject that you are struggling to grasp.
*Certified tutor with 1 year of experience and achieve English and Bisaya-Cebuano fluency with personalized online tutoring!
*Unleash your full potential and achieve your academic goals by reading my tutor profile and learning how can I assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Bisaya Cebuano in Manila?

Learning Bisaya Cebuano in Manila can be easy or difficult depending on your motivation, exposure, and resources.

Is Bisaya Cebuano easy to learn?

There is no definitive answer to whether Bisaya Cebuano is easy to learn or not, as different languages have different levels of difficulty for different learners.

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Tukuran is politically subdivided into 25 barangays. Each barangay consists of puroks while some have sitios. Alindahaw Baclay Balimbingan Buenasuerte Camanga Curvada Laperian Libertad Lower Bayao Luy-a Manilan Manlayag Militar Navalan Panduma Senior (formerly Lambayong) Sambulawan San Antonio San Carlos (poblacion) Santo Niño (poblacion) Santo Rosario Sugod Tabuan Tagulo Tinotungan Upper Bayao

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