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Learn swedish with a journalist student over a fika!

My name is Johanna, I'm 22 years old and I'm am born and raised in Stockholm. I recently moved here and I would love to teach anyone interested in learning Swedish to do so.

I am in the process of studying journalism which means I try my very best to speak the best version of swedish that I can. I would describe myself as a real grammar nerd so if you're looking for someone who will kindly yet firmly show you the correct way to get around in swedish I would describe myself as the one. As for the harder grammatic aspects of swedish such as en/ett, den/det and de/dem I will try my best to give you mind rules on how to use them.

As for the easiest way of learning swedish I personally think practicing through hearing the language and daring to try to speak it is the best way. During my lessons I will speak to you about anything you would like, from advanced and academic swedish to just day to day conversational swedish. Furthermore I have many great books for you to borrow, in many different levels of swedish, as well as series and music to recommend. For any danish speakers I also know danish so I can try to guide you in your language as well as my own.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Swedish easy to learn?

Through practice, time and patience aswell as through hearing and speaking the language.

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Cafés, bars, librarys and taking walks.

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