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Hi, my name is Clarence from Stockholm, Sweden. I love tutoring my mother's tongue on all levels. No matter what previous experience you have you will get it in no time!

Swedish is a fun and exciting language to learn because of its melodic features. Some describe it as a singing language, and therefore it is important to get the right intonation. Although this might seem challenging, it is a pretty straightforward language to learn. The pronunciation can be reasonably tricky, but I am here to help in every step towards fluency.

Hoppas att vi hörs snart!

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Swedish in Madrid?

There is a small community of Swedish speakers in Madrid, but they are there and are probably happy to help if extra practice is needed. I will, of course, be available to practice with at request. :)

Is Swedish easy to learn?

For German and English speakers, it is easier to learn because of the vast amounts of words derived from each other plus similar grammar structures. Knowing a bit of either two can ease the learning process a bit, but if not it is not too hard for non-germanic speakers to get around.

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