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 Since  22-06-2021
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Private Spanish Tutor in Tbilisi and Online

Want to learn the Spanish language? I am your teacher!

Hi, I am your Spanish teacher. I am originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

I believe that learning Spanish should be fun and creative. I like to use a mix of different approaches that take into account your diverse learning styles. In my classes I incorporate technology, games, music and conversational and writing activities. The key is to keep you motivated so you keep learning outside the class.

Spanish is a beautiful language and one that I am happy to teach you. Teaching and meeting new students is what makes me happy and most fulfilled. Teaching is where I know I am making a difference.

Dedication and consistency are needed to master this language. Are you ready?

I have my teaching certifications and ready to be your teacher!

Looking forward to meet you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Spanish in Tbilisi?

Spanish is not a hard language to learn. With the right teacher and your dedication and time, I can have you speaking Spanish in no time.

What is the easiest way to learn Spanish in Tbilisi?

With the right tutor, you can learn Spanish. Consistency, reading and writing in Spanish, and listening to Spanish podcasts can really help you master the language.

40 GEL
per hour

Tutor available
  for 5 more
students only!

Tutor available for online lessons or in-person private lessons in the following areas:

Sololaki, Vake, Vera, Dighomi, Bagebi, Zurgovani.