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(ONLINE LESSON) Hello, my name´s Lorena. I am a Native Spanish Speaker. I have a Degree in Education major in Foreign Language Teaching and a Master's Degree of Education in Counselling. I have 16 years of Experience Teaching English and Spanish to Teenagers, Young people, Adults and Professionals with 100% student success rate in Learning and Speaking Spanish.
I've taught in Public Universities, High School and Language Schools. I've work with customized classes and small group classes. I work with beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Students.
I have tutored teenagers, young people, adults and professionals to Learn Spanish from zero or I help them to improve their Vocabulary, Grammar and Fluency in the Language.
I use a student-centered methodology using the communicative approach to teaching. Learning doesn´t have to be boring that is why I love to customized my lessons according to your Interests, motivations, needs and Likes.
Learning Spanish is easy when you have the correct learning strategies and learning plan to enhance your learning process and help you to reach your goals in a short term. Depending on your level of commitment with your learning process you can learn between 3 to 6 months the language and being able to use it. Have a nice conversation in Spanish with any Native Spanish Speaker:)

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Spanish in Washington D.C.?

Having the right learning strategy, you can learn Spanish anywhere you are.

Is Spanish easy to learn?

Spanish can be easy learnt by having a good tutor that help you to reach your goals and also get immerse into the language, creating a context with Spanish By Doing fun and Interesting activities with the Language and using what you are learning in a real life situation.

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