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Lives in guillermo franke 2358, nunoa, chile, Santiago, chile
 Since  06-07-2021
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Private Spanish Tutor in Santiago and Online

Native Spanish Teacher, from Chile.

Hello! My name is Ivanna;
I'm from Santiago in Chile. I want to help you learn and improve your Spanish.
I use the conversation to improve your pronunciations and solve your questions about Spanish grammar.
I am patient and friendly so don't be afraid to make a mistake, I am here to help you.
I like to orient my class to each student, so in the first class, we are going to study and talk about your levels and goals.
I prepare for my classes by choosing different conversation topics and grammar information, using images to help you and support you.

I lived in Ireland for 1 year because I wanted to learn English, for the reason that I like to travel and make friends, that's why I understand your process!
And I think the best way to learn a new language is to practice and enjoy it!
I like to do my classes ideally speaking in Spanish because I think it is better for you, I use simple or advanced words depending on your levels, but if you have questions I can help you with using English, don't worry!!
I am here to help you!
"Come book your first lesson with me!"

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to learn Spanish in Santiago?

I think the best way to learn Spanish is to practice and enjoy!
When you enjoy the lesson, you start to learn easily, because you want to communicate and express.

Is it difficult to learn Spanish in Santiago?

No, For learn a new language it's important to practice and enjoy the process

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