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Hi! My name is Tim. I am a graduate student and TA at Parsons School of Design. I also have a background in Journalism and Communications.
As a polyglot (I also speak French, Czech, and Turkish), I would love to share my tips and recommendations that make language learning more effective and entertaining.

Russian is my mother tongue. I went to a Russian school back in Kyrgyzstan and my favorite class was Russian literature. During our classes, we can discuss and analyze Russian poems and prose if you are proficient enough already.

As for the beginner learners, we can start from the basics but focus on speaking and reading. Russian grammar is quite complicated but I am confident in my ability to explain even the most difficult and confusing rules. At the end of the day, I tutored physics and trigonometry in high school.

Looking forward to having you in my class!

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Russian in New York City?

Not hard at all. There is a big Russian speaking community.

What is the easiest way to learn Russian in New York City?

Find Russian-speaking friends, consume Russian media daily, practice speaking as frequent as possible

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