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Private Russian Tutor in Reykjavik and Online

Russian lessons online from a native speaker (journalist)

I have my Bachelor and Master diplomas in Journalism and I am a huge fan of languages. I have 10 years of tutoring experience (Russian, English, piano). My youngest student was 6 and he was hyperactive. The average age of my students - 20 y.o. I prefer to treat all the people equally, with same respect, not considering race, skin color, nationality, gender or religious beliefs. I expect the same respect from other people.

About the lesson
• General Russian (A1 to C2 level)
*Speaking (boosting your pronunciation, removing language barrier by using conversational method and much more)
*Writing (+ business writing)
*Interview preparation
*Go abroad preparation

*In my classes I use: PowerPoint presentations, ads, songs, videos

* Russian native speaker with a master's degree in journalism and philology (language learning)
* 10 years tutoring experience (online and offline)

* Your age is not so important to me - whether you are 13 or 75, but the desire to learn new things and improve yourself
* We will overcome everything together: you are a beginner or already watching Russian movies, trying to fight with the alphabet or already reading Dostoevsky in Russian
*FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE, CONVERSATION driven, INTERACTIVE – practice time, PATIENT and ENCOURAGING, UNDERSTANDING that everyone has his/her own motivation and workload

Russian for Beginners

Improving vocabulary and speaking in longer sentences

Understanding simple dialogues about family, every day life, education, hobbies, pets, sports, food, music, clothes; answering the questions

Developing a habit to read, discuss and summarize the information, answer the questions, improving vocabulary and grammar along the way

Learning forms of tenses, numbers, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, the difference between them and how to combine all this mix in a sentence

Russian for Intermediate - Advanced students

Improving your pronunciation and vocabulary, boosting your speaking abilities

‍Interview preparation
Discussing possible questions that can be asked and possible answers (school, university, work)

️Go abroad preparation
Discussing possible situations / scenarios that can happen while traveling and role playing them

Understanding dialogues about more complex things (f.e. science, medicine, technologies, relationships, taxes etc.); answering the questions; learning new words, idioms, phrasal words along the way

Poems, novels, comic books and other fascinating things of your choice, discussing them and creating our own characters, environment and landscapes

Learning the forms of tenses and much more; developing writing skills - letters, essays, novels

*The lesson lasts 60 minutes, but by agreement this time can be extended to 120 minutes.
*Please, let me know about the change of time (if it is not force majeure) 10 hours before a class. If you let me know 2 hours before a class (or less), I'll have to charge you for a class because I could have made other plans or had other students. Thank you for understanding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Russian easy to learn?

if you dedicate enough time, yes)

How much time does it take to learn Russian in Reykjavik?

it will take you up to 3 months of everyday work to start speaking Russian more or less fluent considering main topics.

2500 ISK
per hour

Tutor available
  for 3 more
students only!

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