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Learn to speak REAL Russian with a Moscow native :)

My name's Katya, I'm a university student from Moscow. Currently, I live in the adorable city of Bratislava. I am a native Russian speaker, as well as a holder of PET and IELTS certificates. The latest proves my level to be C1.
Languages have always been my passion. After I moved to Slovakia, I started working in several language schools. I have always felt like a teaching type of person. Currently, I teach both Russian and English (and I speak the Slovak language as well)
Learning Russian can definitely be a pleasure (especially if you are from a Slavic country, as a lot of grammar structures are the same). You just need to have a good teacher, who knows what he is doing (someone like me ;) ) And you should realize that Russian is not that hard - you just need to put some more effort into it, compared to other languages. But with determination and passion there are no such things that are impossible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it difficult to learn Russian in Bratislava?

I think Bratislava is actually one of the best places to learn Russian (apart from Russia itself, of course). There are a lot of cultutral events, where you can practice.

How much time does it take to learn Russian in Bratislava?

I would say it depends on the desired level. Just to know the basics (let's say for tourism) it will take 1-3 month. If you require it for work, than probably 1 - 2 years

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