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Hello! My name is Ekaterina. I deliver online lessons in Russian. I'm NOT just a person with a linguistic background - I'm precisely a TEACHER OF RUSSIAN AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE! It's my official specialism according to my diploma)) I graduated from the Philological Faculty of the best university in Russia, that is Moscow State University n.a. Lomonosov, and I'm awarded a Ph.D. in philological science. I've been teaching Russian to foreigners for all of my life, i.e. for 24 years now. For 18 years I was working at Lomonosov Moscow State University. For the last 20 years, I've been delivering individual lessons in Russian to foreigners.

I use methods developed in the best Russian university which teaches Russian as a foreign language. My fundamental scientific education in Russian philology means that I do understand the structure of this language and can explain it to you in an understandable way. Many learners point out that my lessons are always structured, explanations are clear, and that after a number of Russian teachers it's only after my lessons that they could finally understand the tricky rules of Russian grammar. But in my lessons, I don't only explain grammar rules and control understanding, but also build reading, listening, and speaking skills in my students. I talk with my learners and force them to speak. Working with beginners I use a lot of pictures.

I teach Russian at different levels and proceed from the individual needs and goals of my attendees. I know how to teach it from zero because it's what I was doing for years at the university, and in 1 academic year, my students progressed to Russian in the I Certificate level (TORFL). Moreover, I'm experienced in working with such learners whose level is II Certificate and higher.

If you have Russian roots and would like to understand the language of your grandparents or to communicate comfortably with your relatives in Russia, if you have a Russian spouse or friends and want to talk Russian to them, I can help you to achieve this goal because I have huge experience of teaching Russian to communicate in daily life situations.

Maybe you're connected with a company relocated from Russia or Belorussia and need the Russian language for business routine. I have wide experience of working with clients in the business sphere.

Is your intention to learn Russian based on your interest in Russian culture? With some of my students, we read Chekhov, Pushkin, Mandelshtam...

If your job is about politics, and international affairs where a high level of Russian is needed, I also can help you because I'm experienced in teaching people from this sphere too.

Some people need an official certificate of their level in Russian. I have wide experience in training students for different TORFL tests, as well as experience in holding those tests.

When I get a request from a prospective student, first of all, I ask about his or her goals and current level in Russian. If the level is zero and you can't even read Cyrillic, in the first lesson we'll start with Russian phonetics and characters. If you already studied Russian before, in the first class I'll talk with you to define your level more accurately, and decide about the learning plan. Very often I switch from testing to teaching just during the first class.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Russian in Belgrade?

Objectively, Russian isn't an easy language, but how difficult it will be for you personally, it depends. Not only on your personal talents to learn languages, but also on your mother tongue. Thus, the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) ranks the difficulty of Russian for native English speakers IV out of V (The Foreign Service Institute is the main institute to deliver diplomatic training in the US). And this rank will be the same for any person whose native language is Indo-European but not Slavic. If your mother tongue is non-Indo-European, Russian will be even more difficult for you. But if your language is Slavic (Serbian, Polish, Czech...), Russian will go much easier. Also an experienced teacher who knows her job can make this task easier for you.

What is the easiest way to learn Russian in Belgrade?

The best way to learn Russian is to take lessons from a professional teacher. It's also helpful to add various internet resourses to your study. But if you try to completely replace individual lessons with digital apps, it is unlikely to work, as the experience of many learners demonstrates (many of my students believed in learning Russian from apps only, and came to the same conclusion: no way to do that).

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