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 Since  07-08-2021
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Private Lithuanian Tutor in Monaco and Online

I’m Aiste - International Business & Communication student

Hello, I am a native Lithuanian who is coming to Nice on Erasmus exchange and I will be studying at EDHEC Business School. I know Lithuanian grammar very well as well as the vocabulary and correct structure of the sentences. I can help You learn to speak Lithuanian language, Business communication language, teach You the grammar and writing. My English language level is C1, therefore, I can help You with English as well.

I have helped my friends understand Lithuanian grammar in school, I am quite proficient in it, however, I do not have any official teaching experience but I would like to gain it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it difficult to learn Lithuanian in Monaco?

Lithuanian language is not very difficult to learn, however, learning the grammar of it takes a lot of practice even for the natives.

How much time does it take to learn Lithuanian in Monaco?

To understand the basic words should take about 6 months. To learn the grammar could take 12 months.

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I am coming to EDHEC Business school on an exchange and can meet students at my University, anywhere in Nice or Monaco.