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I'm a 30-year old native Latvian currently studying in France. I love Latvian grammar and I graduated from high school with the best score in the exam of Latvian and Latvian Literature (A).
Learning languages is my long-term hobby, I have learned English (C2), French (C1), Italian and Russian (B1) using combination of self-directed learning and online tutoring.
I have done a lot of informal teaching of Latvian through language exchanges and I have really enjoyed it. Having gone through especially the first difficult months of learning foreign languages myself, I will be able to anticipate and support you in your language learning journey. For me the most important goal in any language is to develop confidence in speaking and ability to understand what is being said and I would love to help you with that! I emphasize on listening and speaking and I love to see the progress anyone can make when doing exercises regularly. I love running marathons and I can compare completing a successful marathon in a fast time to a language learning : it's easier to progress with a training plan and a coach! I hope to become a great coach for you and for us to make a good team.
I have experience in tutoring adolescents and adults in English, French and Biology. I am patient, encouraging and I love to make lessons interesting and I adapt the students.
Let's try it, Latvian is amazing language to learn, it's complex, mysterious and beautiful.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Latvian in Lyon?

It is quite challenging as there are not many native speakers

What is the easiest way to learn Latvian in Lyon?

Go to some language exchange events and look for a native Latvian

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There are several university faculties and libraries around the city, also nice parks and coffee places.