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I was born in Seoul and studied Korean Language & Literature at Ewha Woman's University in Seoul. Also, I worked as a copywriter, marketing PD, and writer for several companies including KBS, the national broadcasting company of South Korea. As in, I am not only a native speaker but also a Korean professional.

I used to volunteer to teach Korean for exchange students, immigrants, and friends for many years because basically, I love my language so much, and thus I'd love to share it with people!

My teaching style is using various materials. Such as poetry, essays, videos, and K-pop, let alone textbooks. Because I believe, learning a language should be 1)fun 2)related to you 3)culture experience.

I look forward to accompanying your journey to the Korean language!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to learn Korean in Rotterdam?

Have a lesson with a qualified teacher

Is Korean easy to learn?

Yes. King Sejong the Great, the person who invented Hangul (Korean letter) said "If you are smart, you can understand it in a day. And even if you are silly, it would take only ten days to understand." Hangul is a very scientific and easy language to read, write and speak.
However, when it comes to Korean (the usage of the letter), it can be tricky. As we have many words adopted from foreign languages, especially Hanzi(Old Chinese characters). If you know some Chinese it can be easier but without the background knowledge it would be difficult to guess the meaning

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