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Hello! I’m Riona!

I was born and raised in Sydney from Japanese descent. I’m currently a 2nd-year undergraduate student at Macquarie University.

I’ve studied Japanese in context during high school and ranked 4th in the NSW State HSC course. I have also achieved an N1 level in JLPT, the highest level in Japanese language studies.

I’ve been teaching high school students ranging from a Beginner to Heritage (Japanese in Context) levels from various schools, such as Willoughby Girls High School, Turramurra High School, Hornsby Girls High School, International Grammar School, etc.

I am offering Japanese language tuition both online and on-campus (in Sydney Northshore) to High School students and other interested parties, including those who study JLPT.

My lessons involve engaging in various learning activities incorporating speaking, writing, reading, and role-plays which will assist in enhancing the student’s understanding of the Japanese language and culture whilst meeting the requirements of the NESA syllabus. Students will be participating in:

- Daily conversation
- Reading various text types (diary, article, etc.)
- Writing exercises (writing response, applying new vocab, grammar, and kanji)
- Listening exercises (listening to conversations in practical situations and comprehending, comparing sample answers)
- Fun activities (flashcards, watching videos relating to Japanese culture, role-play in practical usage such as stores, school, family, friends, etc.)

I provide my original learning materials that are tailored to the student’s level of Japanese and are compliant to the HSC requirements and they have been verified at the strictest level by very experienced tutors.

My learning materials are designed to identify student areas of strengths and weaknesses and are adaptable to adjust to their needs. Every effort is made to ensure student’s appreciation of the program in each step before moving on to the next.

I will be also giving consistent feedback for each session to ensure that students can track their progress together.

I’m hoping to make a comfortable peer-learning environment for students to enjoy their learning experience

If you would like to book for a trial lesson, please email [email protected] or call me on 0490756576.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to learn Japanese in Sydney?

As mentioned in the description, the students will immerse themselves in the Japanese language and culture more through various forms of learning, such as reading, writing, and speaking activities, incorporated with some engaging and fun activities such as role-play, flashcards, etc. Through this balance, students will not only gain their knowledge but will also gain their interest in the Japanese language and culture.

Is Japanese easy to learn?

Not only Japanese but any language can be easy to learn if the students have an appreciation towards learning. As a tutor, I believe it is our very responsibility to ensure that students find Japanese, or any language, enjoyable to learn, through the empathy and communication between the students and the tutor.

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Tutor available for online lessons or in-person private lessons in the following areas: Northshore Area

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