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Learn Japanese and know more about the cultural history

I'm a Japanese from Kyoto.
Among the regions in Japan, Kyoto is a popular historical spot that attracts not only visitors from the world, but also Japanese domestic visitors. There is a lot of interesting cultural stories and Japanese manners I can share with you.
-Fluent in English (lived in UK for 9years)
-License holder of English teacher in Japan (high school and junior high)
-Major in Linguistics (phonology and bilingual brain function, strategies of learning languages) in University in Kyoto
-Can explain the phonology of Japanese comparing to English

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Japanese in Hong kong?

Besides Kanji (Chinese characters) there are 46 alphabets (two different ways of writing :Hiragana / Katakana) in Japanese. The pronunciation range in Japanese is up to 46 ways and that is it. Every word is a combination of these 46 alphabets and the pronunciation will not change according to the spell combination like it does in English. You will get used to it.

How much time does it take to learn Japanese in Hong kong?

As long as you feel no stress, and enjoy learning I believe you can make it yours soon. Surely, I am ready to figure out how to make it fun and keep you motivated :) Feel free to let me know where your goal is, and I am always welcome to help support you achieving it. Everyone is a beginner, and learning something will always require some time at first. But once you get the basics, I'm sure you will start enjoying it and want to learn more.

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