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Private Japanese Tutor in Munich and Online

Italian-Japanese girl offers Japanese lessons and tutoring

I was born to an Italian father and a Japanese mother. I have lived in Italy since I was born, but every year I returned to Tokyo for at least 3 months (during which I study or work). I attended both Italian and Japanese schools and also a Japanese school for Japanese children in Milan from 4 to 18 years old.

In addition to the language (of which I also have the JLPT N1 certificate), I have also studied Japanese history, literature, culture and mentality, which also form a large part of my personality.

I have 1: 1 teaching experience in Japanese language lessons from level zero and in an Italian language class as a volunteer in an Italian-Japanese association. Now I work as a language teacher (Italian&Japanese) in a language school in Augsburg (Germany).

My lessons cover all the fundamental aspects for learning a language: a first part of conversation and review of what we did in the previous lesson (with possible correction of the tasks and clarification of doubts), new essential words to be able to speak because only the grammar is not enough, new grammar structures and oral&written exercises (it is also important to practice speaking in order to practice pronunciation, therefore also roleplay exercises), a writing section, listening exercises, insights into Japanese culture and mentality. Based on the student's requests, we finalize a program that is as adequate as possible.

- TUTORING of Japanese language for students of oriental languages: according to the needs, I focus the lesson on the aspect to improve (the most requested are grammar, listening, conversation, pronunciation, writing, help with the study of kanji, written comprehension of texts ).

- JLPT CERTIFICATION EXAM: despite being a native speaker and having a Japanese school diploma, I decided to take N1 too, so I help the student to prepare the exam to pass it at best.

- CONVERSATION PARTNERS: I am also available for those who need a native speaker to practice speaking with to improve pronunciation and avoid complicated or unnatural constructions. We can choose a theme on a weekly basis to prepare for and the lesson of the day will focus on.

Integration of didactic material between my wide availability and possibly that of the student.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Japanese easy to learn?

The first thing to consider is the mothertongue of the student. It might be more difficult for not Asian students, but it mostlz depends on the motivation.

How much time does it take to learn Japanese in Munich?

There is no specific time, but regular tuition is necessary in order to correct the little mistakes and quickly achieve your learning goals.

20 EUR
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