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Hi there! - こんにちは! Thanks very much for your interest in my Japanese class!

My name is Aya, but I am mostly known as Ichi sensei. I roamed as a Japanese teacher in various private language schools in Asia for the past 5 years. In my journey, I've come across students from around the world with different cultural backgrounds and has broadened my perspective on teachers. Honestly, learning from my students is my favorite part of teaching!

Language is more than a communication tool; it means understanding cultural and societal differences. Learning a language also means understanding the cultural baggage that comes with it. This is why I will make it a point to share with you Japanese culture and its intricacies in my lessons.

I believe that having fun is a crucial element in learning; this is why I will be curating your lessons based on your interests; sports, anime, food, music, etc. Based on my experience, I am confident that I can cater to all students, from beginners, advanced learners to students who want to excel for their JLPT. Regardless of your level, I want to share my passion for Japan with you! I look forward to embarking on this journey together!

[3rd week onward]
-1 on 1 (in person) - $80/pax.
-1 on 2 (in person) - $60/pax.
-1 to 3 (in person) - $50/pax.
*Please drop me a message to inquire on zoom sessions.

I can teach at any location but at a mutual location outside (cafes, etc.); I do not offer home sessions - unless it is for kids, with parental guidance.

If you have any inquiries on my pricing, please feel free to ask me about them!
If there is anything, I can help clarify, please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you! - ありがとう!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Japanese in Singapore?

Surprisingly, many Singaporeans know basic Japanese words! - I believe this is due to Singaporeans being exposed to Japanese culture!

In my opinion, I do not think there are any easy languages to learn. Learning a language needs to go beyond 'learning'. There are cultural nuances, similar to Singlish, which is a mixture of different Singapore-based languages if you think about it. To truly make learning a language easy, you must first understand the cultural baggage then understand how the language plays a part in it! Once you have immersed yourself in that, everything else will fall into place!

What is the easiest way to learn Japanese in Singapore?

Find an interest in that language and grow your language from there. I've had students who were inspired by Japanese artists, which sparked their interest. I've even had students who started learning Japanese to understand animes and dramas. Once you've found the intersection between your interest and the language, the language will start to have a new meaning.

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