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Italian Mother Toungue in Zagreb: online and offline lessons

I am a Marketing and communication assistant in Zagreb. Consequently, I have great communication skills, I can communicate clearly and effectively. Moreover, my BA in History allows me to have a great teaching method and a great empathy to understand the best way to teach to a student. Indeed, I do think that each student deserves a language teaching method built on his personal and academic necessity and capacity.
Italian is a really tough language, especially for students who don't have any background studying Latin languages. Nonetheless, the best way to learn and to teach Italian is to learn the difficult grammar this language has creatively, for instance practicing more in speaking than straight grammar rules. Moreover, I do think one of the best ways to learn Italian is reading fairy tales for Italian children, which can be really helpful for beginners given the ease of understanding the texts. Surely, Italian is not an easy language, but I consider the will to learn this language already a great start.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it difficult to learn Italian in Zagreb?

It is. Unfortunately, despite the fact Italian is a taught language in Croatian schools, students do not have many occasions to practice speaking the Italian language.

How much time does it take to learn Italian in Zagreb?

There is no precise time during which you can learn Italian, but I would say that, with a good practice and will to effectively learn this language, in 2 years the student can reach a god level of Italian, spoken and written.

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