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Hi! My name is Klajdi, I was born in Albania, but I grow up in Siena (Tuscany). Thanks to my studies, I have a degree in languages and literatures, and my passion for travel, I’ve been in many places during my short life. Currently I am living in Stockholm. I speak 5 languages: I am bilingual in Italian and Albanian, I speak fluently Spanish and English, and I have a basic level of Swedish.

About my teaching experience I taught Italian in Buenos Aires as a mother tongue, now I am working as Italian teacher in Stockholm for private companies, and I've been teaching as a substitute teacher of humanistic subjects in an English school (Stockholm).

As i said I love travelling, discovering new cultures and ways of thinking and living it is something important to me. From my own experience I learned that languages are just the keys that gives you access to the variety of cultures that we have all around the world.

About my teaching I like to make interactive lessons using all the IT tools that we have. During my lessons I prefer to put in relation cultural aspects and grammatical ones because in order to learn a language you need to know things about the culture, and to know the culture you need to have language competences, growing in parallel the two aspects it is the fastest way to improve your Italian skills.

I’ve taught Italian to students with different linguistic levels, but I’m experienced to teach basic and intermediate Italian, I love to see my students that come to me with no knowledge and right after some lessons they can to communicate their thoughts in Italian. That’s incredible.

If you are interested, I can also teach you the cultural aspects of the Italian culture, such as history, geography, art, and literature.

Remember I can offer you high quality 1 to 1 lessons, with great video and audio quality, and a deep linguistic and cultural value that will improve in no time your Italian skills.

Book now your first lesson we will have a lot of fun together!
In my lessons I use interactive websites, to make my lessons entertaining, PDFs, videos, and eBooks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Italian in Stockholm?

There is a good Italian community with who you can speak Italian with

Is Italian easy to learn?

It not objective, it depends on the student background and which other languages the student speaks

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