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I am a 2nd year university student, who is a native English speaker, and confident Hebrew speaker. I successfully completed Hebrew WACE in 2017, and spent a year in Israel where I worked on my conversational skills. Whilst there, I had the opportunity to tutor at-risk children who had no grasp of English, which improved both my tutoring skills, as well as my grasp of the Hebrew language.
Hebrew is difficult to grasp in the beginning as it uses a different alphabet and sounds. However, once this has been mastered, Hebrew is a very systematic language and with regular practice can be understood well.

English is slightly more difficult to the non-native speaker as it is less systematic than Hebrew. There are many exceptions to many rules, and this can prove difficult for some. Although the nouns are not gendered, and this removes a difficult aspect of grasping a language as knowing the gender of a noun is often is acquired on a case-by-case basis, which only comes through practice.

I am very passionate about learning and teaching languages and I can't wait to see the joy on a student's face when they realise their progress!

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