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I'm a 20-year-old woman who has a passion for the Hebrew language. I lived for several years in Paris before moving to Tel Aviv where I lived until I came to Berlin this summer. My passions include music, art, medicine, biology, and animals. I'd be glad to help anyone learn the Hebrew language and improve their fluency in it.

I have experience working with all ages and levels. I do not speak German yet but can communicate in English (although I recommend immersing yourself in Hebrew as much as possible!) Feel free to ask me any questions :)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to learn Hebrew in Berlin?

Berlin is home to a large Hebrew speeking community, due to the many Israeli immigrants who live there. There are many resteraunts, cafe's, venues, and museums owned by Hebrew speakers and visiting them can be a great way to practice Hebrew while doing something fun. For example, maybe you can order your local coffee in Hebrew!

In my opinion, the key to learning any language is learning the culture not just grammar: Immersing yourself in Jewish history, art, architecture or religion can be a great way to understand the deep roots of the language and why it functions the way it does. This doesn't mean grammar isn't important, but it provides another way to learn while preventing burn out.

And of course, daily practice never hurts!

How much time does it take to learn Hebrew in Berlin?

As with any language it depends how much you manage to immerse yourself in it and how many hours you practice a week. The more you practice- the faster you will learn.

I will say that like any language, Hebrew has a few quirks that can make it seem difficult but mastering them is part of the fun.

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All of Berlin, specifically Prenzlauer Berg where I will stay but everywhere works

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