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Deciding to learn Hebrew can be a joyous way to celebrate the rich historical, religious, and cultural significance of the language. While traditional Hebrew has primarily been studied by religious scholars, modern-day Hebrew has many practical benefits as the most commonly spoken language in Israel. The United States is the second-largest Hebrew-speaking population with about 220,000 speakers.

There are a few basics that you need to know about the Hebrew language as you begin your journey. Hebrew is written from right to left, which will require quite an adjustment for English speakers. It also has an alphabet with 22 letters, but no vowels, only vowel sounds.

Verb tenses can confuse beginners. There are a relatively small number of verb roots to learn, but the inflection can change their meaning which can get somewhat complicated. When learning spoken Hebrew, it’s best, to begin with the frequently used words in context, and then scale your learning gradually towards understanding verb families.

Here are a few simple Hebrew words:

shalom שלום - Hello
ken כן - Yes
loh לא - No
bevekshah בבקשה - Please
Toda תודה - Thank you

Hebrew is the language of the Bible, which is both a religious and cultural foundation of incalculable influence and – especially read in the original language – one of the world's most dazzling literary achievements. Learning Modern Hebrew is the simplest way into the Bible.

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Easy, if you will believe it

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2 months

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