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Born in the US, at the age of 10 moved to Greece. After 20 years of living in Greece I moved to Canada, my other home country. Both English and Greek are my mother languages. My main occupation is teaching, and I especially enjoy my Greek lessons with my students. After quite a few years of experience in teaching, I know I can take students to any level that they request. Greek isn't difficult to learn, as long as you have the right teacher with the suitable teaching techniques. Do not hesitate to contact to discuss further.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Greek in Toronto?

Depending on the teacher, if they have the acquired language techniques, Greek can be easy to learn. It really depends on the experience of the teacher, and how much time the student is willing to put in learning Greek

Is it difficult to learn Greek in Toronto?

It isn't difficult as long as the proper techniques are applied, and also tailored to the learning style of the student. Each student is unique and that is what every teacher needs to realize before taking on any student.

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I could meet in a library, at your home, or even have classes online. Anywhere really, so let’s discuss!

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