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Hi, my name is Tareq, but you can call me Aziz. I am currently a 2nd year biology student working towards medical school. I am trilingual; France French being my mother tongue. I attended francophone school for most of my elementary and secondary education and thanks to that I have become a veteran of French linguistic rules. Although I lack any true teaching experience or qualifications, I was the person everyone looked to for help pertaining to the content of our french courses and I taught myself English, starting at the age of 5, through translating it to French for my mother. In my opinion, French is an easy language to learn with the right tutor to guide you through the jungle of grammar rules and conjugation. The time and difficulty it takes to learn and master the language really depends on your mother tongue but with enough practice It is not too much of a challenge.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to learn French in Vancouver?

Find a good tutor and French speakers to practice with and watch Radio-Canada

How much time does it take to learn French in Vancouver?

Longer than it would take if you lived in Quebec but as long as you practice and actively look to apply what you learn in real world conversations, it doesn’t take too much time. But with as any language, it takes time to master.

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