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Hi! I'm Michelle. I am currently a third-year exchange student at Monash Uni from France, studying Modern Languages (English-Germa) applied to Economics and Law. have been interested in teaching since I was young. So, I am looking to get enrolled in a Master degree in teaching next year when I will go back to France. Before getting enrolled and deal with my Master degree in depth, I would like to gain some work experience in teaching in Australia so that I can start my Master with some teaching experience as a background. As part of my studies, I did two internships in a primary school when I was a ninth grader and in a Parisian international school at then end of my second year at the university. From these two internships, I was able to enhance and improve my communication and teaching skills. Now I would like to practice my skills and become a private tutor. On top of that, since I grew up in a multicultural environment - I was born and raised in France from Korean parents-, I enjoy meeting people from different cultures, so that I can the world from different perspectives. Learning new languages takes a long time, costs a lot and requires a lot of patience. I was lucky enough to learn both French and Korean from my very young age and learn English and German at school. But it took me a long time to acquire high level of skills in English and German. So, I would like to help people who are willing to learn new languages and teach them and show them, tat even though learning new languages is hard at the beginning, it is possible to improve quickly with some help. As I am not staying very long in Australia, I am looking forward to hearing from you soon and getting in touch with you!

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