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I have not "taught" Finnish to anyone before, but I have a bi-/multilingual friendship group, where most of us speak at least 2 languages fluently and we have to transfer back and forth from Finnish to English, I am sometimes the translator between someone who doesn't know English very well, and someone who doesn't know Finnish too well, and a tutor is just a translator for him-/herself. I am a Finnish person and speak English fluently with maybe a bit of an accent shining through, I also am learning German myself, and have forgotten Svenska.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Finnish easy to learn?

I would say no, many of my friends have lived almost their whole lives in Finland still don't speak much Finnish, but if you are a person who has a good memory and picks up other languages from tv or conversation, then Finnish will be just as easy as any other language, certainly not the easiest to pick up, but it most likely isn't the hardest either.

Is it difficult to learn Finnish in Helsinki?

Depends in what kind of situation are you in, a student who just moved in, pretty easy since you will learn most of the basics in school and meet other people who will most likely in groups also speak Finnish, so that way you could pick up some area dialect words aswell and soon you will be fluent as can, if you are here for work and have finished school, might be a little harder but I can't say for sure, there is not much education going on in a workplace, other than the job at hand ofcourse, hardest might be moving in without anything going on yet.

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