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 Since  09-03-2021
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Private Finnish Tutor in Helsinki and Online

Native Finnish tutor in Helsinki/Finland and online

Hi! I'm Eeva. Native Finnish and I live in Helsinki. First Certificate in English (grade A), Finnish Matriculation Examination, and Diploma in Business and Administration. I have lived in the USA and I speak Swedish with my sons. Available daily from 10-20. I'm a freelancer in sales, easy-going and sporty. Before any committed paid booking contact me with chat to see if I can help you! Please read the FAQ for student's info! I'm here to help you learn to speak/understand and have a conversation in Finnish. Do you wish to learn basics in order to cope with daily life? Do you need help when you are attending some different level Finnish learning online courses or study independently with "learn Finnish" educational books ( e.g. Suomen Mestari series 1-3) or other similar ones? Please remember that I'm a tutor and not a "teacher"! Do you need someone native just to talk with you in Finnish? Help to train for the YKI test? We can discuss anything you like. The first session 1hr is mainly to get to know each other and to evaluate your language abilities, your personal needs, goals, schedules/timetables, etc. as I give individually customized tutoring. Please notice that the tutoring rate which starts from 15e/hr/person will be negotiated personally after 2 weeks if you continue with me. (I do not get paid for those first sessions). I prefer to use Zoom but Skype also available. I believe interactive communication is the best way to learn any language. Are you up for it? If your answer is YES, contact me!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Finnish easy to learn?

Yes and no. I personally learn languages by hearing and talking with someone native. Then you hear all the nuances and dialects, even slang words since every language have them. Let's keep in mind that only a few people actually speak "formal literary Finnish". The more you hear it the more you "adapt". Watch TV/Netflix in Finnish, read easy books (even children's books), and talk Finnish in every opportunity you'll get. Don't mind the grammar or pronunciation failures! No one is born a master!

Is it difficult to learn Finnish in Helsinki?

Honestly, if your mother tongue is English it could be difficult since everyone wants to practice their English with you. But I do believe anything is possible. It's just up to you to be consistent and willing to learn. If there's a will there's a way.

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