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Farsi Tutor @ Singapore

Teaching Persian (Farsi) Language, Starting off from simplest method way to elaborated one to get mastery in this language. You will hone your Farsi skill perfectly by starting from the scratch till being a fluent person who would speak like Native Farsi speakers in just three months..

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it difficult to learn Farsi / Persian in Singapore?

Farsi is a bit difficult than English, but definitely is more easier than for example German language, since there are no gender articles involved for nouns.
With few Native Persians residing in Singapore, it may seem difficult since perfecting Farsi language requires constant interaction with those who speak this language. But, it is not like that, if you think the same way. Learning a language just needs a right direction, right materials, certain amount of time, constant training, and little help from someone to take you on the right track. That is it!! The rest is on your own.

How much time does it take to learn Farsi / Persian in Singapore?

To reach to the advanced level, it requires 750 hr of constant training which equals 5 months, if you spend only 1 hr every day of memorizing and learning.
Obviously, if you aim for lower levels, you will need to spend less amount of time. For example, in one month with every day of 3 hr studying, you will be able to acquire a good understating at the beginner level and form a good foundation of essential grammar skills that will be sufficient until the upper intermediate level. At this level, you will be able to introduce yourself and understand very simple sentences.

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