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Lives in Kallithea, Αττική, Greece
 Since  04-06-2021
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Private Farsi / Persian Tutor in Athens and Online


Hi I'm Amir I live in Athens
I also speak English without any problem and I speak Turkish Lower than average
as an skill I'm Lifeguard and I am mostly calm and patient and
I worked as a translator with a group of doctors from USA
I worked as a receptionist in abbasi hotel in isfahan and I was in charge to help mostly tourists to find the best way to solve their problems or kindly find an answer for their questions so I'm patient and I don't have problem to repeat a thing for several times and I've attached most of the information that you may need on my CV that I sent for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Farsi / Persian in Athens?

Not hard at all the only challenge is that in persian you have write from right to left 😂

What is the easiest way to learn Farsi / Persian in Athens?

Making friends listening to persian music's and also watching movies

10 EUR
per hour

Tutor available
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I have no problem with going to different areas to meet students in Athens