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Hello! I'm Sulwan, your soon-to-be favorite English teacher! I have been living in Istanbul for the past two years and it has been an interesting experience. I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, where my English learning journey began, and I have to say, it was and still is a blast!

I love the English language, the role and influence it has on today's world. Having a great command of the English language is empowering; it gives you the keys to get to about anywhere in the world, have wider access to information, and be connected to people all over the globe! Think about it, there's no country that doesn't have at least a few people who speak English, and I find that fascinating, to say the least! I have always been passionate about English, but it wasn't until I arrived in Turkey that I discovered my passion for teaching.

After giving my first lesson online, I found myself impassioned; it was one of the most beautiful experiences in my life. I loved the idea of helping my student learn to access the all empowering tool that is the English language, and to see their skills grow and improve with every class, it filled me with joy. I knew then that I would love nothing more than to replicate this experience for as many times as I can. I want to spread the joy and beauty of the English language and help my students get connected to the world the same way I did.

My teaching style is best described as malleable; I mold it in whatever ways that suit your learning needs best. Overall, my goal is to present the English language to you in fun, engaging ways. I hope to talk to you soon! And happy learning. :)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Arabic in Istanbul?

A significant majority of foreign citizens in Turkey hail from Arabic speaking countries, but naturally the Turkish language has higher demand there, so finding Arabic teachers isn't a priority for most. Additionally, Arabic exists in many dialects depending on the country and region, and the number of formal Arabic speakers has been in steady decline in the past decade, unfortunately. On a scale of 1 to 10 in difficulty, I'd rate learning Arabic in Turkey as 9.

Is Arabic easy to learn?

Easy? No. But fun? Definitely! The Arabic language has a variety of letters that don't exist in other languages. Furthermore, the Arabic alphabet is used in only a few other languages. Not to mention that only few Arabic speakers are well versed in formal Arabic, as the language has many dialects for each country and region, so I'd say the more daunting part is to finding a suitable teacher.

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