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Photographer, rockstar-wanna be, American male. Creative, flexible, humorous, energetic, fun. Never boring. I’m from the USA. I have taught English in Korea, Thailand, China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and a very little in Vietnam. I’ve taught online for a short time. I prefer teaching younger students because they are candid, high energy, loud and active. Dynamic. I can teach older students, but it can be boring if you get a student who is not in synch with your frequency or vibe. I love taking photographs, and I mean taking: I don’t create them. They are out there, and I just happen upon them. I’m happy if I can capture them on film. Capture meaning an image of what I see. It almost validated the fact that it is out there in three dimensional reality; I didn’t make it in my mind. Whew! I also love music. It’s much more difficult because it comes from within. One day, when I can play the guitar, I will be at that level where I can let the music come from deep within without thought. Thereby not creating it, but letting it create itself. Sounds a little philosophical? Not really. It could be tapping into a different plane if existence. Very interesting. I like history and science. I like monkeys, pizza, ice cream, and gummy bears. No light or diet things. I prefer full flavor. Full strength. All or none. Either swim or don’t. No sticking your feet in the pool. Ive tried learning a language formally. Don’t remember much. I’ve done the immersion thing. Studied informally while living in Korea. Once I learned the alphabet, it was much easier and the pronunciation was standard. It didn’t change from book-to-book. Romanization is not the way to go. Have to stay in the target language completely. Otherwise, your pronunciation will not be correct. That’s about it. I could tell you more, but then you’ll have nothing to wonder about. It will be like been there sone that and got the shirt. Always leave space to strive for. A goal. The impossible Dream. Makes sense now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is English easy to learn?

Nothing is easy. But it is apparently in high demand, so go for it. The Beatles sang in English. But try to include cultural contexts and the non-verbal forms of communication to fully master it. Keep in mind there are several English’s. American English, British, Singaporean, Philippine, Indian. Then remember the local regions and dialects, and the oriole cats. Finally, as I said, it’s not easy. But it’s fun and interesting.

How much time does it take to learn English in New York City?

Five minutes. You will be able to say hello, goodbye. And other short and sweet expressions. I am a native speaker, but I am still learning English. My lexicon always has room to work on vocabulary. Language is living. It changes all the time. I speak the English used in my generation. The new generation has slang which will not only leave me clueless, but reeling at times.

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