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The English Doctor *American English Accent Surgery*

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Let me tell you something my friend: "I'm here to remove that nasty Turkish English Accent of yours and change it to a pure American English accent. and so that will you learn how to speak English as fluent as Turkish, or even better.

If I want to write about my working experience in teaching English, I should add that I've been teaching it for practically 8 years, since I was 14. So as time went by, It has turned out to be a natural field of expertise, that enabled me to make effective communication with students from various age groups, from 8 up to 59, and in supplement, I've started to teach German from the basic levels as well this Spring, which has been going splendid recently.

YDS Academy in Kadikoy, Istanbul, English Time Schools, Different High Schools in Istanbul ranging from Imam Hatip to Istanbul Anadolu Lisesi, Business English, Job Interview Preparation Courses, BTCE Oxford Examinership & Special IELTS preparation courses are my recent Experiences in teaching English.

I always see the process of learning English similar to going to the gym. At first, you face some difficulties, but once you show how committed you are and you don't quit, you start to see the changes in you. Of course, having your practice done in the right, professional and modern way is the key element for your improvement.

If you are ready for my English accent surgery, then what are you waiting for?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn English in Istanbul?

It actually depends on the English teacher people choose. Being a native speaker doesn't necessarily mean that you are a good teacher.

Is it difficult to learn English in Istanbul?

Well, there are a lot of teachers and courses available here; However, It's pretty much hard to find a native teacher who both is excellent at speaking and teaching English.

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Online Lessons are available for all students around the globe. For in-person private classes, the student must be located in Istanbul.

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