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Nellie Benton, uni student

I am a university student from Minnesota, USA, and I study Spanish and Portuguese. I lived in Sarajevo for one year in 2018-2019 so I speak some Bosnian too (B1-B2).

I peer tutored students in the English Language Learners class at my high school in the USA. Then, I had conversation partners from Brazil and Chile. I would help them practice English in exchange for help with Spanish and Portuguese. Last year I was a teaching assistant in an English as a Second Language class. Most of the students were just recently exposed to English so they were beginners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is English easy to learn?

The difficulty you have in learning English all depends on your native language. For native speakers of BCS, I think it's kind of difficult because the grammar and spelling are very different between the languages. However, people in the Balkans are often exposed to English at a very young age both in school and through media, which is an advantage and makes learning English easier. If you speak a Romance or Germanic language as your native tongue (German, Dutch, Spanish, French, etc.) you will have an easier time learning English than if you speak, for example, Korean as your mother tongue because Korean is a lot more different to English than German is.

Is it difficult to learn English in Sarajevo?

All you need to learn a language is people to speak it with. Many people (both natives and foreigners) in Sarajevo speak English, so there are plenty of people to practice with.

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