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My name is Molly a TESOL certified teacher in teaching both in the classroom and online. I have been a kindergarten teacher for 2 year in China.
I graduated Nanjing University of information science and technology in 2020 with a master degree in a Business management. I say that I’m very optimistic person and I love teaching children, hoping to learn more about your company, better teaching experience, we can better improve themselves.
When you’re learning English, it’s important to keep your motivation up. As with any task, there may be times when it feels a bit more difficult, so switch up your methods and don’t be afraid to make mistakes – you’ll reach the level you want.
The easiest ways to learn English are: 1. English words with friends(Playing Scrabble challenges you to really think in English as you try to come up with different words using your set of letters.) 2. Add some music. 3. Join online English forums.
One of the most effective and easy ways to learn English is to fully immerse yourself in the language. Find an English-speaking radio station to listen to, watch an English-speaking movie or TV show or surround yourself with people having conversations in English.
A beginner can learn English in a year. Specifically, a year is the average amount of time it will take an adult to become fluent enough to work in English if he starts out as a beginner and studies at least 5 hours a day. But everyone is different.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is English easy to learn?

I feel that it is an easy language to pick up at the start. Many students can start speaking it fairly quickly and progress rapidly through the early stages. this might be because it seems not to have the complexity and abundance of grammatical rules that many languages have. Personally, I don't think any language is easy, not if you wish to master it. As languages embody entire cultures, they are highly complex things and require years of learning for most. I'm still learning a lot about English and I have been speaking it since I was a baby and teaching it since I finished studying it at university.

Is it difficult to learn English in Moscow?

I think learning English in Moscow is not difficult because it is the most popular language in the world, there is the biggest number of learning and authentic materials for you to practise. English is MUCH easier to learn than Russian.

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