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Lifelong Teacher and Language Learner

After a BA in Norwegian with a minor in Latin American Studies, MAT in Elementary Education, Graduate Certificate in TESOL, and current Graduate Certificate in Early Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, I have made sure to dedicate my time to my students.

For the past 14 years, I have taught English to native and non-native students alike. Thanks to the four years online and ten years in ESL, I have taught students from various continents, including Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America. Consistently, regardless of the location, my students have excelled. They have consistently scored top in the district and one year top in the state on national proficiency exams. Others have passed Cambridge and TOEFL tests. Also, for the adult learners, my training sessions for professional development have been popular.

My lessons tend to be rigorous with unusual activities, such as debate, presentations, current events, sports, music, and even student choice. However, these unique teaching methods make you feel as though you are transported to somewhere other than a dull and pointless grammar lesson. As a former corporate manager, my lessons are pragmatic, because I know firsthand how important languages are. Get ready to learn and have some fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn English in Oslo?

Oslo is an international city with many English speakers. Yes, it is easier to learn English compared to some other languages. Even then, the interactions with English is rather limited and short. It is beneficial to have a native speaker, language learner, and tenured teacher to take you to full bilingualism.

Is English easy to learn?

Overall, English is challenging to learn. Yes, there is greater access to the language than some other languages. Yet, there are different prepositions, multiple meaning words, false cognates, expressions, and verb tenses to overcome. Also, the rules can be rather inconsistent as they relate to pronunciation and grammar. It is not a phonetic language per se. Then the dialects and accents can be very distinctive. Word choice can vary from region to region. Although, it is a Germanic language, the word choice and context vary dramatically from the Scandinavian languages. We would not say that it tasted or accurately for confirmation. Similarly, I am positive would not mean that you are 100% certain in Norwegian as it does in American English. Finally, academic language or written language is vastly different from the spoken language. That said, the Scandinavian languages tend to include more passive voice and expressions in their writing than written English would.

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English Teacher with Professional State Teaching Certification in English/ESL K-12 and Elementary Education Master of Arts in Teaching in Elementary Education & Graduate Certificate in TESOL Pursuing a Graduate Certificate from the Harvard Graduate School of Education in Early Childhood Education Online English Teacher - 4 years with English and ESL Trainer for Professional Development and Presenter for TESOL Conferences Norwegian Teacher as an undergraduate, passed the Bergenstest, (TOEFL for Norwegian - admitted to a Norwegian university), and BA in Norwegian

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