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Learning to speak English is easy once you start to get the hang of it. Perfecting your English is a different story. There are many irregularities in this language which make some of the grammar a little confusing, but don't worry! You will be speaking and writing at a professional level in no time! Whether you are a new learner and want to advance your conversation-style English, or you are a good speaker already and you're looking for the ability to write a perfect essay or email in English, I am here to help! My name is Bianca, I was born in Sydney, Australia and I have a Bachelor's degree in Language and Linguistics from the University of Sydney. I also have a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate from the TEFL Academy.
During my university years, I tutored many English as a Second Language (ESL) students in Australia, majority of them coming from Asian countries. I understand the desire to speak conversational English with the correct syntax, and to sound like a local. Syntax is the arrangement of words to create a well-formed sentence. I also understand that good conversational English requires colloquialisms and the understanding of phrases and expressions. A lot of my students enjoyed this portion of my lessons as it made them feel like they could converse more freely in an informal setting.
After finishing university, I started offering tutoring for adults who were working professionals or looking to sit their exams in English. Since I majored in English in university, and wrote many long essays myself, I am able to teach the university-level essay structure that is expected. Writing an essay is very strategic and is best done with a pre-plan. Academic words and advanced phrases are expected in these settings. There is also a particular format that is also expected, which needs to be learned in order to write a successful essay within a time limit. In addition, I have corporate experience and I can teach you corporate jargon that is required for emailing. I have all the tools to assist you with writing academic and professional level emails and essays.
One of my students, from Turkey, was preparing for his GAMSAT exam, which he had to do in English, and we prepared together for a whole year. I can pass on his details as a reference. I have been tutoring throughout the entire Covid period.
I not only want to see my students succeed, but I am personally invested in the learning and advancement of my students. I have enjoyed seeing every one of them become proficient English speakers!

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