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I am Andy, a language trainer from HEAC Skills Training. I am teaching English and IELTS from zero to advanced learners.

To begin with, I am working in an education consultancy based in Makati for more than 5 years now. I would say that I have handled students from all walks of life. Teaching with different nationalities like Korean, Japanese, Filipino, Iranian, Chinese, Vietnamese can be a lot challenging but at the same time it pushes my capability to achieve a good results particularly with the absolute zero learners. In addition, the advanced learners are more engaged in a meaningful, satisfying conversation afterwards. My style is not bookish, it is purely experience based and highly flexible depending on student's learning curve.

On the other hand, my personality speaks of what I am teaching. Having a free time is a privileged. So on my spare time, I literally grab it! and usually go places, explore people and its culture. I take pictures, dance, drink and eat! Having a free spirit takes you anywhere you love most. Cooking is something that is innate to me. I love herbs and spices. I appreciate all forms of art from painting, weaving, crocheting, planting and name it.

Furthermore, I speak my heart out. At this point, I am hungry for real conversations, inspiring life stories of different life stages, or I must say adventures of a lifetime! You can count on my teaching and a friend to talk to.

Lastly, I am promoting our services to those who are genuinely interested in improving their skills in English and preparing for IELTS examination with minimal service fee. I am not closing my doors to whoever wants to make friends for a lifetime.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Filipino in Manila?

Studying Tagalog is easy by starting to learn the basics. You study Greetings, days and months, pronouns and more on conversational sentences.

Is it difficult to learn Filipino in Manila?


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I am Andy from HEAC Skills Training.I am a Language Trainer. I have years of experience in teaching English and IELTS from zero to advanced level. I have expertise in teaching Zero level and IELTS examination.

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