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Hi everyone! I’m Thalia, originally from Belgium, now living in Porto for over a year already. I absolutely love learning new languages, I’m currently at seven myself (on different levels) and I’d like to share my own native language Dutch with others. We’ll have a good time while learning, it won’t be a typical textbook lesson. I have my own methods and lessons ready, but if you have any specific topics you want to learn about/ practice don’t hesitate to reach out as we’ll make the lessons totally personalized for you. Hope to meet you soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to learn Dutch in Porto?

The easiest way is by combining a lot of different methods. So not just reading or only listening, but a combination of music, stories, exercises, conversations etc.

Is Dutch easy to learn?

Dutch is just as difficult/easy to learn as any other language. A lot of people imagine it to be really difficult, but in reality it is very doable. It might be easier if you already speak/understand a language that looks alike, such as German, but by no means is it ‘impossible’ if your native language is Italian for example. The key to succes is dedication and passion. Anyone can learn anything!

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Anywhere in Porto is alright by me, could be at my place, online, at a coffee shop etc.