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My name is Mieke van Eijndhoven. After a study of social science at the University of Amsterdam I studied English. I did some translation work and teached young adults in school.. My whish for teaching is to help keeping my language alive. Another reason is the many holidays in Turkey I had for over a period of ten years. I didn’t speak any Turkish and nobody spoke English. So I started a Turkish course. After two years I had a solid base to enjoy the country much more. My method will be partly grammar and a bit reading and for another part communication by talking.
If you want to reach stability in Dutch language I can help. We read, listen and talk you through my native language.
In general you can reach a good level after one year.
I still learn about my own language by teaching it, which is very nice. Let me know your wishes about days and hours and I will tell you mine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it difficult to learn Dutch in Amsterdam?

It depance from which country you are and how hard you need it.

How much time does it take to learn Dutch in Amsterdam?

A good base will be reached after one year!

20 EUR
per hour

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