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Dutch well travelled person speaking 7 foreign languages

I've studied a dozen of languages myself, but don't all speak them. It really helped me to discover effective ways to learn languages, using a lot of different tricks. However, learning a foreign language does not depend on your teacher, it depends on your willpower and dedication! I'd love to be your coach for this and will help you mostly to becoming confident and comfortable with the idea of learning another language, but it is all you that has to really do it, so why would you want to ask me to spoonfeed you? When it comes to learning Dutch: it is NOT a difficult language at all (most Dutch believe it is!) and NO it's not a pretty language either. Still, it's a fascinating one and funny one especially when it comes to humor, the so many hugely different accents, expressions and proverbs. I can help you with learning German and Spanish too (I speak both of them nearly fluently).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it difficult to learn Dutch in Sydney?

Yes, when it comes to learning conversational Dutch, not just because people live busy lives here, Dutch people always tend to switch to English even though you prefer to practice Dutch.

How much time does it take to learn Dutch in Sydney?

That totally depends on your dedication to earning it, it's a matter of attitude. You can learn reasonable Dutch if you study it fulltime for three months. If you study it day and night, you might be done in a month.

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