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 Since  26-08-2021
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Private Dutch Tutor in Sydney and Online

You know you’re Dutch when…

A passionate dutch girl that loves everything about the Netherlands.

I have lived for 25 years in the Netherlands and studied law, hospitality management.

I came 3 years ago to Sydney as a backpacker and am currently living in Sydney.

I just love to talk about the history, culture, traditions, and fun things we do as proud Dutch people.

I have taught my Australian boyfriend Dutch who can now completely understand me and talk to my parents. This took him less than a year with minimum effort. You can do it too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dutch easy to learn?

It’s a complex language but it will be rewarding in the long term. It’s a language with a lot of funny sayings which makes it easier to learn and remember

Is it difficult to learn Dutch in Sydney?

Nothing difficult as long as you try. Dutch saying: “wat je doet moet je goed doen” : whatever you do, do it right. There are great opportunities in Sydney to get a taste of the Dutch culture

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