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Lives in Arndtstraße 2
 Since  09-04-2021
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Private Danish Tutor in Vienna and Online

Native Danish speaker fluent in English

I have +5 years of tutoring mathematics and law and have now extended that to teaching my challenging native tongue. I have undertaken extensive training in mentoring, motivation and communication. I teach Danish as a foreign language to complete beginners as well as advanced learners wanting to brush up.

My weekly sessions include:
- The pronunciation tip of the week.
- Grammar and exercises.
- Talking, reading, writing and listening.

I contextualise learnings by bringing up current and relevant topics and of course tailor them to your needs.

I have a high knowledge level of academic Danish and especially legal Danish. Furthermore, my English level is excellent, so I can easily explain myself.

Danish can be difficult to learn because of pronunciation, but I’m happy to take you through the history of the language, grammar, getting to know your æøå, why vegetables are called “green things” and much more.

I was a SeniorMentor at MentorDenmark for 4 years where I:
- Taught students 1-on-1 or in small groups in the ages of 6-18.
- Undertook extensive courses in delivering education, ensuring motivation and understanding different learning styles.

Subsequently, I have tutored law students for 2 years to help them:
- Pass exams they were previously failing.
- Understand topics their professors made too complicated.
- Structure their learning.

In 2021, I have taken up language tutoring and now help foreigners:
- Get acquainted with the Danish language and culture.
- Understand grammar and pronunciation.
- Discuss current topics in Danish.

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Tutor available for online lessons or in-person private lessons in the following areas:

Anywhere in a 10 km radius from my home.