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Art and Growth

I am a performance artist who specialises in long durational and time-based performance often involving audience participation. My performances have lasted from a split second to thirteen consecutive days. My practice is anchored in the physical body in relation to the movements of the planet's geophysical forces, such as torsion, propulsion, wave interference and hypersurface structures. I reference these in installation, film, oil painting, sculpture, artist books, writing, photography and archival research, to create an alchemical transformation. I am a matriarchal thinker searching for a utopic nonviolent language, which transcends the divine feminine across generational and temporal landscapes. Since 2012 I have worked with my heritage, making performances and films about his Danish mother and my father, who is from Niger. In 2017 the documentary My Mother is Pink premiered at the CPH:DOX festival and in 2019 it won the Outstanding Excellence Award in Rajasthan, in India. I have worked for Marina Abramovich at Henie Onstad in Oslo and Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebæk, and Nikolaj Kunsthal, in Copenhagen.
If we meet at café, you are buying me coffee))

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Danish in Reykjavik?

With me as a conversation partner, it's easy - I focus on the flow of conversation and emotional involvement.

What is the easiest way to learn Danish in Reykjavik?

Having me as a tutor, or be in a romantic relationship with a Dane

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