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Hello everyone,

My name is Ružica (Růžená in Czech, Rosie in English :)) and I was born in Split, Croatia, but am currently living in Zagreb, Croatia. However, but due to personal circumstances, I intend to move to Prague in September or October at the latest. I am therefore looking for jobs that would suit my education, interests, and abilities and for a change, passions.

Regarding my formal education, I have an MA degree in Law (Faculty of Law, Split) and an MA degree in Sociology and Comparative Literature Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Zagreb (Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Zagreb). I am also currently attending a Ph.D. course in Humanities.

However, my deepest interests lie in the fields of culture in general, mainly writing and acting. During the last ten years, I have attended many acting groups and classes, most importantly, for the last four years I have been attending Studio Kubus in Zagreb twice a week (studying acting theories and techniques, from Stanislavski to Chekhov and Strassberg and working on texts of Shakespeare, Moliere, and contemporary playwrights) and have recently premiered an authorial play Three Mothers at the SKAZ theatre festival with two of my colleagues.

Teaching someone my mother tongue is indeed a new thing for me, but I am looking forward to that possibility since I am an extrovert and love meeting new people, perhaps above everything else. Language as such is also a big thing for me since all of my previously mentioned interests are both deeply rooted and interconnected with that mysterious thing we use to connect one with another. I would certainly be up for inventing creative and student-centered approach - building on what he/she already likes/knows/is interested in or is in any way emotionally attached to. I'd be glad to introduce a student with some great literature, films, and music in my language, for I think that art is the best, and somehow the most right way of acquiring knowledge in this field.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Croatian in Prague?

The Croatian language is not considered to be easy to learn, but I believe that for Czech speaking people it would be less of a problem. Also, I am sure for them the Slavic accent should also be relatively easy to attain.

Is Croatian easy to learn?

As I mentioned earlier, Croatian language is not very easy, but I believe that with right methodology and willingness of a student, basics can be adopted in no time.

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Karlin, Vinohrady, and City center would be preferable, but we can as well arrange other locations. Just a short notice - since I intend to move to Prague around the middle of September and until then I will be available online. But as of Autumn 2020, I will be located in Prague and forward to working and learning with you face-to-face. :)

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